The Body Shop Health Club is home to the only Shake Bar & Supplement Shop in Kings County


The Body Shop Health Club is home to the only combined Juice Bar & Supplement Shop in Kings County! We offer a wide range of nutritional and sports supplements, protein shakes, sports drinks and accessories to help achieve and maintain your fitness goals. Pre Workouts, Fat Burners, BCAA'S, Protein Powder, Vitamins, Sleep Aids, and so much more. Through our distributor we offer more than 6,000 products representing 300+ of the industry's leading brands. This means that if it's available, we can get it, assuming we don't already have it on the shelf. They say that exercise is 30% of a healthy lifestyle and diet and nutrition is 70%. The Body Shop Supplement Shop can be an integral part of the 70%. Body Shop Members receive 10% off all supplements, all the time. 


Enjoy the amazing taste of one of our many Protein Shakes. Benefits include improved recovery, preserving and building lean muscle mass, weight loss and boosting metabolism. Add optional supplements to make your shake even more beneficial. 



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