If you're serious about losing weight, getting healthy and/or building muscle, hiring a personal trainer can be a step in the right direction. The Body Shop Health Club has friendly and knowledgeable certified personal trainers available for our members. Our trainers will assess your fitness level, figure out what your goals are (or help you set goals), set up a program and keep you motivated. He or she will push you past your comfort level--something difficult to do on your own.


Each session usually lasts about an hour. The first meeting is devoted to assessing fitness level, body measurements, exercise and health history and goals. Be prepared to step on the scale, have your body fat checked and answer specific questions about your goals. After that, you'll spend each session doing cardio, weight training, flexibility or other activities depending on what your goals are. Your trainer will show you how to do the exercises, help you figure out how much weight to use and give you pointers for getting the most out of each exercise.


Contact us for more information. 559-924-2334

Top Personal Training Plans

Explore our best selling offers

4 Sessions for $170.00

Limited Offer

Our perfect starter package! Wether you're a new member looking for that extra instruction to begin your fitness journey  or a fitness regular looking to revitalize your program, our 4 one hour sessions are sure to help. 

15 Sessions for $535

Discount of $165 OFF

If you are serious about achieving your fitness goals, our 15 session training package is a great value. If you're looking for accountability, motivation and ultimately results, our 15 session package will be sure to deliver.   

8 Session Double @ $225 Each

Training for less than $25 per session!

Grab a friend and save. Training with a friend has many benefits such as accountability, comradery and savings. When you train with a friend you reduce your rate to less than $25 per session. 

Meet our Personal Trainers

JILLIAN COCKRUM - Passionate about health and fitness, Jill is the perfect example of not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. She can be seen running a marathon, competing in a Spartan Race or a weightlifting competition and everything in between. In addition to personal training Jill also coaches some of our group fitness classes.    

Anthony Martinez- Amanda holds a Master's of Science in Kinesiology and has over 7 years of experience in the health and fitness field. As a marathon runner and avid weightlifter, Amanda knows a thing or two about commitment, determination, and dicipline. As a trainer, she has the same determination for her clients which she has for herself. Amanda is dedicated and passionate about helping her clients succeed and achieve their goals. She aims to be adaptable with her programming to help find the types of exercise and lifestyle changes that are exciting, manageable, and shape a path to achieve goals.

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