Mike & Colleen Royer

Owners since 2013 and members since the opening of The Body Shop in 2002, Mike and Colleen are passionate about providing an hometown alternative to the Corporate Health Clubs. 

Nicole Meyer

Nicole has been a member of The Body Shop for several years prior to joining our staff. Always a friendly face, you will find Nicole behind the counter assisting members with shakes, supplements and memberships.  

Maranda Bravo

Maranda has been with The Body Shop Health Club since 2010. Maranda is active in all phases of the club from the front counter to daycare.  

Brianna Watters

Brianna comes to us locally with the drive and passion for a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. The object of her ambition is to be able to teach and help others reach their fitness goals. While also furthering the knowledge of her community and to take away the stigma of working out. You can see her in our facility working the counter, daycare, and also taking the role as one of our personal trainers! 

Katelyn Helm

Kersten Velho

Kersten serves a key role in our organization by handling the duties of accounting, payroll and membership management. She combines these duties with staffing the daycare each weekday morning as well as working the front counter. 

Veronica Rodriguez

Rebecca Edmondson

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